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Pressure Vessel Maintenance and Repair

April 01,2015
A pressure vessel is a closed container or storage tank designed to hold gases and liquids at a pressure substantially different than the ambient pressure. Unfortunately, there are a considerable number of cracked and damaged vessels in the workplace today. These damaged pressure vessels pose many health and...Continue Reading »

What is Metallurgy?

April 01,2015
Metallurgy can be defined as the technique or science of working or heating metals to achieve certain shapes or properties, making and compounding alloys and separating metals from their ores. The art of metallurgy involves numerous innovative operations to add to productivity and improve efficiency. Weld overlay is...Continue Reading »

Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group

March 31,2015
The Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group is an industrial specialty contractor, specializing in field and shop applied weld overlays for the petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical processing, pulp & paper, power utilities, and related industries.   Hi-Tech’s custom designed in-house equipment combined with our highly experienced personnel,...Continue Reading »

our History

Hi-Tech originally began in 1985 as a specialty refractory contractor known as Hi-Tech Refractory Service based in Houston, Texas. Since that time, under private ownership of the Reintjes...

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our services

Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group is a specialty industrial contractor  providing automated Weld Overlay, Code Welding and other Support Services to petroleum refining, chemical, power utility, pulp and paper and...

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our safety

At Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group safety is our top priority.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility at all levels within our organization and it is the policy of this company...

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