A Premier Provider of Services for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Welcome to Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group, where we specialize in cutting-edge specialty welding services for the repair and restoration of process vessels and boiler tubes. As an organization at the forefront of innovation, we occasionally seek individuals whose skills align with our project requirements. If you're passionate about a dynamic industrial career, we’ve got exciting opportunities!

Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group, LLC. is committed to equal opportunity and diversity, proudly adhering to EOE principles.

Interested in joining our team? Here's how you can become a candidate:

  1. Explore Openings: Check our website for current job postings that match your career goals.
  2. Review Requirements: Look closely at job requirements as these may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Prior welding experience, preferably as a union boilermaker;
    2. Electro/mechanical field technician abilities and expertise;
    3. Site superintendent experience in a heavy construction environment, and
    4. The ability to lift 50lbs.
  3. Confirm Qualifications: If you meet these requirements, send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  4. Application Process: If you qualify, we'll invite you to complete an employment application for a comprehensive evaluation.

We appreciate your interest in our organization. If you align with an open position(s) and possess the required skills, we would like to hear from you. We look forward to the possibility of you joining our team!


  • History

    Hi-Tech originally began in 1985 as a specialty refractory contractor known as Hi-Tech Refractory Service based in Houston, Texas. Since that time, under private ownership of the Reintjes family...

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  • Services

    Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group is a specialty industrial contractor  providing automated Weld Overlay, Code Welding and other Support Services to petroleum refining, chemical, power utility, pulp and paper and...

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  • Safety

    At Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group safety is our top priority.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility at all levels within our organization and it is the policy of this company...

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