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  • Weld OverlayEngineers and Designers at Hi-Tech have a proprietary welding system specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the field installation of high quality weld overlays. Hi-Tech’s automated welding process will produce consistent quality while being applied many times faster than any manual welding process. As a result, your process equipment will be returned to service on time and on budget without sacrificing safety or quality!

    By using Hi-Tech designed automated GMAW weld systems, the Hi-Tech weld overlay application results in exceptional weld quality and...

    • A permanent, maintenance-free repair extending the life of your process equipment
    • Consistent weld deposits using controlled weld parameters
    • Minimal base metal penetration
    • A low dilution welding process that provides excellent deposit chemistries
    • Low heat input resulting from the use of high speed automated welding equipment
    • Complete weld fusion with the base metal
    • Excellent surface profile
    • Ability to weld to thin base metals

    Hi-Tech’s automated applied weld overlays provide a permanent solution with corrosion resistance and/or base metal restoration for process vessels and boilers. Hi-Tech personnel have decades of experience with various weld wire alloys utilized for weld overlays and base metal restoration such as, stainless steels, nickel based alloys, low alloy steels and carbon steels among others. Hi-Tech’s experienced field supervision and field technical support will provide the skills and knowledge needed to meet your outage schedule and project specifications.

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  • Weld OverlayHi-Tech's specially designed automated weld overlay systems are designed to restore and protect critical industrial and processing equipment by using advanced welding technology. Hi-Tech delivers superior quality and high efficient production that are demanded for critical field and shop applied weld overlay projects. Typical applications for Automated Weld Overlays involve:

    • ID of pressure vessels, both horizontal and vertical.
    • OD base metal build up/repair to areas near insulation and stiffener rings.
    • Boiler tube water walls for utility, waste-to-energy, and other industrial boilers
    • Various industrial and process components, including nozzles and flange faces
    • Pressure boundary repair and restoration
    • Temper bead welding techniques, in lieu of PWHT

    Our automated weld overlay systems can be adapted to automatically weld all areas of vertical and horizontal process vessels---including spherical and 2:1 elliptical heads; cones; transitions; and sidewalls, among others. In addition, most areas of boilers can be welded automatically, which results in production several times greater than any hand welding application. Boiler sidewalls, floors, roofs, screen tubes, and slopes may all be protected and/or restored back to full operation by a Hi-Tech weld overlay. The Benefits of using Hi-Tech's Automated Weld Overlay System for your next welding project:

    • High Productivity - Hi-Tech has the ability to deposit large areas of protective overlays in minimal time frames by using our specially designed automated weld overlay systems. Multiple overlay systems can be employed to expedite completion and meet your time frame requirements.
    • Low Dilution - In most situations, weld dilution adversely affects the corrosion resistance of a weld deposit, and therefore, it is imperative to minimize the amount of dilution. The Hi-Tech MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding) overlay process results in very low dilution, with our automated vessel overlay process typically producing weld deposits with 8 to 10% dilution.
    • Low Penetration - Arc penetration is maintained at a minimum with our automated weld overlay system. In most situations, the maximum base metal penetration is approximately 0.030" (
    • Low Heat Input - Hi-Tech's automated system is designed to travel our weld torch at a high rate of speed along the welding surface, which results in a reduction of heat input into the base material.
    • Superior Weld Chemistry - A homogeneous weld deposit with a uniform chemical composition throughout the deposit is required to achieve proper corrosion and erosion resistance. Our automated weld system repeatedly applies a weld bead with minimum dilution and consistent composition.
    • Full Fusion to Base Metal - Our automated weld systems utilize the latest technology to control parameters, minimize dilution, and reduce heat input while maintaining full weld fusion. Hi-Tech's application of a fully fused weld deposit to a base metal results in a superior, long lasting product.
    • Controlled and Consistent Welding Parameters - Hi-Tech Weld Overlay has a Product Development Department that is dedicated to the advancement and support of automated welding systems. The latest technology is required to provide controlled and consistent weld parameters, and Hi-Tech continues to invest in the latest, proven technologies in order to maintain our commitment of advancing weld overlay technology. Weld parameters are precisely controlled during the entire project to ensure that proper chemistries, weld fusion, and quality are top priorities.
    • Adaptability for All Position Welding - Hi-Tech Weld Overlay have developed weld systems that are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the field installation of high quality weld overlays. Nearly all areas of vertical and horizontal process vessels and boilers can be welded automatically with the versatile modular design of the Hi-Tech weld overlay system.
    • Excellent Weld Quality - Hi-Tech Weld Overlay has maintained a high level of expertise that allows us to offer the best quality and process controls that are required to achieve a quality weld overlay product that is second to none!!

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