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Exploring Options With Regard To Pressure Vessel Repair

October 01,2015

Industry and manufacturing today use a wide variety of pressure vessels for different types of processes in various applications. That said having access to quality pressure vessel repair is essential to ensuring that businesses operate at full capacity without interruption. Minimizing downtime and keeping an operation going can best be achieved by working with a team of experienced and dedicated engineers and designers in the weld overlay and pressure vessel repair servicing industry.

Years Of Experience In The Industry And A Proven Track Record

Industry and manufacturing in need of high quality weld related repair and services routinely turn to the professionals of Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group. The company has years of experience in the industry and a proven track record among prior customers and existing customers. Most importantly, the company offers high quality work that includes an innate ability to weld with incredible accuracy to thin base metals. The firm offers impressive surface profile and base metal related complete fusion. With low heat input and high-speed automation, Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group always exceeds expectations.

Helps Industry Extend The Life Of The Process Equipment

The company also offers impressive and consistent weld deposits that make use of control flow parameters. Industry and manufacturing desiring a permanent and a maintenance-free repair routinely turn to the experts of Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group. One of the biggest advantages of working with Hi-Tech is that the company helps industry to extend the life of their process equipment. This ultimately saves businesses time, trouble and money over the long term. Contact Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group for the absolute best in pressure vessel repair and a wide range of other important boiler services that are designed to keep businesses operating with minimum downtime.

our History

Hi-Tech originally began in 1985 as a specialty refractory contractor known as Hi-Tech Refractory Service based in Houston, Texas. Since that time, under private ownership of the Reintjes...

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our services

Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group is a specialty industrial contractor  providing automated Weld Overlay, Code Welding and other Support Services to petroleum refining, chemical, power utility, pulp and paper and...

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our safety

At Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group safety is our top priority.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility at all levels within our organization and it is the policy of this company...

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