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Discover Boiler Services That Get Results

August 24,2015

 Quality boiler services are important to maintaining high levels of operational performance in many different industries. Finding the right specialty industrial contractor that offers a wide array of welding and support services is essential to keeping a business profitable. From the petroleum refining industry to paper processing and the chemical industry, having access to dependable welding overlay services helps to greatly minimize downtime for those in many different fields.

Pressure Vessels

From base metal restoration to corrosion resistance needed in various types of boilers and pressure vessels, there is one company that consistently outperforms the competition. Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group is a reliable and dependable source for the best in weld overlay services for boilers as well as many different types of pressure vessels in use today. The company has a proven track record when it comes to work that includes the removal and reinstallation of nozzles as well as base metal repairs and abrasive blasting. Also routinely offered by the company is carbon arc gouging. The company is perhaps best known for rapid mobilization of its skilled technicians to safely and quickly repair virtually any type of plant equipment.

Minimize Plant Downtime

This includes during times of unplanned as well as planned outages. Highly effective strategies intended to minimize plant downtime are always a top priority for the professionals at Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group. Offering everything from custom designed in-house equipment to industry-standard equipment that is widely in use today Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group is an industry specialty contractor that simply gets it right. Most importantly, the company offers automated type weld repairs that are designed to become permanent. This ensures maintenance free repairs and extended service life. Contact Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group today for professional boiler services in Missouri and across the country.

our History

Hi-Tech originally began in 1985 as a specialty refractory contractor known as Hi-Tech Refractory Service based in Houston, Texas. Since that time, under private ownership of the Reintjes...

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our services

Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group is a specialty industrial contractor  providing automated Weld Overlay, Code Welding and other Support Services to petroleum refining, chemical, power utility, pulp and paper and...

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our safety

At Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group safety is our top priority.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility at all levels within our organization and it is the policy of this company...

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