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Boiler And Pressure Vessel Services That Get Results

September 17,2015

 Most professionals and business owners in industry would agree that not all boiler and pressure vessel services are the same. In fact quality of service can vary widely from business to business in terms of industry specialty contractors. One company that has consistently outpaced the competition when it comes to experience as well as a dedication and commitment to quality service and safety is Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group. The company brings decades of experience to the table when it comes to virtually all types of boiler and pressure vessel related services for industry.

Permanent Solution To Corrosion Resistance

Perhaps most important of all is the technologically advanced automated welding process that Hi-Tech uses to conduct a wide range of weld overlay related services for customers. Offering a permanent solution to corrosion resistance and base metal restoration, the company provides automated applied weld overlay that is trusted, dependable and reliable. This is important for businesses wishing to stay competitive in an industry where downtime can cost a substantial amount of money in terms of losses.

Proven Track Record

Enjoying a permanent and maintenance free type repair and thus extending the life of process equipment is easier and more achievable when working with the right company. Hi-Tech is a company that has a proven track record when it comes to welding thin base metals and weld fusion with a wide variety of base metals in use today. Most importantly, Hi-Tech is a company that is dedicated to delivering outstanding levels of safety from all perspectives. From an employee's perspective to the customer's perspective, safety is always in the forefront when working with the professionals of Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group. Contact the company today to learn more about boiler and pressure vessel services that get results.

our History

Hi-Tech originally began in 1985 as a specialty refractory contractor known as Hi-Tech Refractory Service based in Houston, Texas. Since that time, under private ownership of the Reintjes...

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our services

Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group is a specialty industrial contractor  providing automated Weld Overlay, Code Welding and other Support Services to petroleum refining, chemical, power utility, pulp and paper and...

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our safety

At Hi-Tech Weld Overlay Group safety is our top priority.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility at all levels within our organization and it is the policy of this company...

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